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Weymouth Carnival have just announced on their Facebook Page a complete facelift for the traditional Carnival Queen competition Entitled Miss Weymouth

The competition opens on Valentines Day and is open to all females from the age of 6 years upwards. Contestants will be encouraged to fundraise with proceeds going to The Weldmar Hospicecare Trust.

The announcement below was made on Facebook this morning, no doubt more information will be available at shortly:-

“Coming this April is a brand new and exciting format evolving from, and respecting the traditions of, Weymouths annual Carnival Queen competition. Say hello to Miss Weymouth!

Miss Weymouth will introduce multi-age categories, special recognition awards and offering the winners not only the Miss Weymouth title, but the chance to be ‘Queen for a day’ by taking on the traditional Carnival Queen role at this years big event! (20th August) Our lucky senior category winner will also have the opportunity to compete in worldwide pageant, Face of the World, as a finalist! This move is supported by the members of previous Carnival Queen Organising committee, Ladies Alive, Mayor Ray Banham,. our former Carnival Queens and reigning Queen Gina who says: ““I believe that Miss Weymouth will be a great opportunity for all women of Weymouth and Portland; It will breathe new life into the old format! It’s for all women of shapes and sizes. I am very excited to see miss Weymouth progress and think it’s a great opportunity for our town too”.

Proudly supporting Weldmar Hospicecare Trust, we will encourage our contestants to fundraise in the lead up to the competition as well as donate all profits made via ticket sales to this outstanding cause.

Miss Weymouth welcomes women of all shapes and sizes, married women and Yummy Mummys to showcase their amazing personalities and prove to the judges why they should become a glamorous ambassador for their hometown! Aside from the minimum age of entry, 6 years old, there are NO RESTRICTIONS; We believe that every single person is beautiful and want to celebrate individuality!

With a host of truly fabulous prizes, awards and the promise of a year to remember, this is YOUR chance to shine! Entry opens on VALENTINES DAY!”

We wish the carnival organisers the very best of luck with this bold new venture …