With so many places to stay, things to do and events listed onĀ  Love Weymouth it can be difficult to remember all those entries you’ve looked at, found interesting and would like to check out when you visit. We’ve added to features to the site, Favourites and Lists to help make things easier for you. Both fundamentally do the same allowing you to check back and see all the entries that interested you but with slight differences, we’ll explain below.

To use either you’ll need to be registered on our site and logged in, don’t worry it’s very quick and easy to do. Just go to the Account menu and where you can follow the links to either register as a new user or login if you’re an existing user.

About Favourites

On all the entries you’ll find on the site for businesses, events etc you’ll see a heart icon. On a desktop, you’ll find it on the right-hand side of the screen, on mobile it’s beneath the address details for the entry you’re viewing. To add to favourites simply click on the heart and you’ll see it change colour to red. This entry is now in your favourites. Whenever you return and login to Love Weymouth you simply then just visit your profile page from the accounts menu and here you will see a list of all the entries you have favourited. If you want to remove an entry from favourites simply click on the heart again and it will be removed.

Holiday Planner Lists

These lists are similar to favourites with the difference that they can be viewed even if not logged into the site. They are ideal if you’re planning a visit and want to send details of all the places you like the look of to friends and family. To add a business or event to your Planner List simply click the ‘Add to My Holiday Planner’ button on an entry you will be prompted to either add it to an existing list or create a new one. Your lists can be accessed by clicking on the Holiday Planner button on any site entry, just click on the list you want to view on the pop-up list that opens. Your lists that have not been marked as private will also appear within the lists archive that is accessed from the site’s main menu bar. Please note any lists you have saved as no public although not showing in the public archive are still accessible to anyone with a link to them. This is one major difference to Favourites that are only viewable to you when logged into your profile but they have a big advantage that you can copy the link to your list and send it to friends or family to look at.

We have plans to improve the planner facility before too long but for now hope you will find it useful.