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Made entirely of matchsticks and matchboxes these models have taken one man a lifetime to build. Nothe Fort will host the Matchstick Fleet by Phillip Warren for what may be the last time from Saturday 26th August until Thursday 31st August, opening between 10:30am and 4pm each day.

Come and be amazed at the detail and accuracy of the scaled replicas of modern warships, all of which started life as a simple matchstick. This is a totally unique display, not to be missed.The models are based on drawings, plans and photographs of the real ships. They are flat bottomed so that when placed on a blue tablecloth they look as though they are in the sea.

These aren’t just static models, see how the rotor blades spin on the aircraft, the radars move on the ships. The finishing touch to the matchstick models comes with painting, which is all done by hand – even the squadron markings and numbers.

“I grew up during the Second World War and our whole world was ships and tanks and planes,” Phillip Warren said “You knew what an aircraft was just by hearing the engine noise. That left me with a lifelong interest in military aircraft and ships.”

This Matchstick Fleet has taken Phillip Warren all over the country, exhibiting in Scotland and Northern Ireland in the past. The Nothe Fort is proud to have played host to his miniature fleet every summer for the past 20 years.

“We know that the Matchstick Fleet is an all-time favourite with our visitors, some of whom come back year after year to marvel at the intricacy of the ship designs” says Kate Hedbitch, General Manager of Nothe Fort.