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Weymouth has rich history, from a Kings summer holiday to the Crabchurch Conspiracy of the English Civil War and more recently it’s association with D Day in 1944, but there has always been a constant…..a truly unique scene of extremely talented Musicians.

With so many grassroots venues to cut their teeth Weymouth and Portland has played a huge part in giving the world some truly eclectic talent.

The Slide Guitar and Wizadry of Robbie Macintosh, the balls out boogie woogie of Ben Waters, The foot stomping Celtic rock from The Dolmen, And most recently the modern cutting edge voice and songwriting of Lloren Bannon who wowed the world on The Voice UK plus many others have brought joy to so many who’ve witnessed their performances in so many of Weymouth and Portland’s venues that play a big part in keeping the creativity alive.

In the spirit of these ever changing times and the hardships all artists have suffered this last 18 months we have compiled a Spotify playlist that features all original music from some of the best local artists W&P has to offer … enjoy!

Blues, Rock, Folk, Pop, Electro, Progressive, Funk, Jazz, From established international selling performers to the next generation of songwriters we feel this list has something for everyone.

The power the listener has today in this new world of streaming is stronger than its ever been.
every stream and share you give an artist not only helps generate income but helps them get hard and seen by more people giving them the exposure needed to keep creating this wonderful music for us all.

So share your favourite tune add them to your playlists and sit back and enjoy!

This year inspired by the challenges of Covid local musicians have clubbed together to build on our musical legacy and created The Music Tree a group that takes donations of instruments and equipment and lends them to anyone keen to learn check them out on Facebook it’s such a brilliant idea.

On behalf of all Artists every we thank you for listening and wish you Peace, Love and Light 🙏