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The public are reminded to follow safety warnings and advice around the Dorset coast due to possible land slides and rock falls.

The risk of landslides and rock falls has increased following severe weather and sea conditions across Dorset. They can happen quickly and without warning.

People are advised not to walk or climb over debris and not take any unnecessary risks.

Cllr Robert Gould, Leader of West Dorset District Council, said: “We urge people to pay attention to safety messages and signs around the coast.

“It is important people stay away from cliff tops and the base of cliffs as more landslides and rock falls could happen at any time.”

People are advised to keep to official routes and follow warning signs at all times as the coast path will be very muddy and slippery in places.

Tides have also re-shaped and stripped beaches around the coast meaning it is easier to get cut off by the incoming tide.

More information about landslides and rock falls can be found at