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Nothe Fort is delighted to host a sculpture created by local artist, Ian Cox, as part of their Coronation celebrations. Nothe Fort welcomed the Mayor of Weymouth, Cllr Anne Weaving, to unveil the spectacular artwork which is available to see at Weymouth’s number one attraction. The sculpture, which uses recycled materials, will be in situ over the next two weeks and for the Coronation bank holiday.

Ian Cox is a local artist working within many creative fields, such as sculpture, painting, and community-based art projects. He creates sculptures using recycled and repurposed materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill.

‘Coronation’ is made up of three curving ‘C’ elements representing King Charles III, and that he was originally the Prince of Wales (Fleurs). These three elements are centred into a four-pointed section representing the four nations of the United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the gold bands surrounding this represents a marriage of these two.

This sculpture has been made using waste acrylic which would be otherwise destined for landfill. This acrylic would have been used to make very large fish tanks, some of which are used at Sea Life centre type Aquariums.

Mayor Anne Weaving said “It’s totally different to what I could have imagine, but I knew it would be exciting because I know the artist. I think the way he’s represented the three for King Charles III, the four nations and the crown which marries it together – it’s lovely. I’m really blown away by it.”

Kate Hebditch, General Manager of the Nothe Fort said “We are delighted to display Ian Cox’s inspiring Coronation sculpture, which looks stunning on our North Terrace.”

The Nothe Fort expresses its gratitude to Ian Cox for choosing our venue as the host for his art project.

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Photo Credits: Andy Cooke, Loving Weymouth & Portland
Main Photo (left to right): Emma Murgatroyd (Nothe Fort Visitor Experience Coordinator), Kate Hebditch (Nothe Fort General Manager), Ian Cox (Artist), Mayor Anne Weaving, Rod Wakefield (Mayor’s Escort) and Margaret Wakefield (Mayor’s Escort).