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Richard Drax declares that Weymouth and Portland is “Such a Magical Place” and more people should be saying so!

Richard made his comments after hearing that two creatives from Weymouth have got together to produce a promotional video on the unique charms and features of Weymouth and Portland. Martin Harvey, of Harvey M photography, has partnered with local musician John West Weymouth in this exciting initiative to help promote our area as we go forward into an uncertain new year. “It’s important to make people aware that there is so much more to Weymouth than Donkeys and Deck Chairs, although of course they are essential for a top seaside resort” said Martin.

Richard Drax, MP for South Dorset, said: “I can’t think of a better name for a song about Weymouth and Portland than “It’s Such a Magical Place”. It is, and more people should be saying so! There is much to sell here and much for people to savour and I fully support this magnificent initiative to promote and support local businesses.”

John’s song is not only a very memorable and catchy tune but over the past few months has really taken off on the Spotify Music streaming channel. “We have seen almost fifteen thousand listeners from all over the World tune in” said John. The lyrics of the song really do bring out what Weymouth and Portland have to offer, its history, charms and its tourist attractions. Radio Solent Presenter Pat Sissons, who was the first to play John’s song when it came out, tweeted in November “it’s rapidly becoming Weymouth’s unofficial anthem. Great work!”

“The beauty of having a purpose written soundtrack is that it’s suitable for adding all sorts of video and photography to help promote our area and local businesses.” Says Martin. Now that the concept has proved successful Martin believes that this idea can be replicated to allow local businesses and tourist organisations the ability to produce additional stand-alone or combined promotional videos at a very economic cost using John’s unique song about Weymouth as the perfect background soundtrack.

For John’s part, he is more than happy to waive any royalties or performance rights which will allow Martin to develop opportunities with local businesses to help promote our amazing region. “I’m just happy to help our Community in any way I can” said John.

The finished video is being Premiered at 7pm on Monday 18th January on the ‘Loving Weymouth & Portland’ Facebook page. It will also be featured on the @loveWeymouth Instagram site and several Dorset based twitter accounts . Local businessman Andy Cooke who runs these sites said “between these platforms we have over 95,000 followers which will really raise the profile for our area and our local businesses.” Martin can be reached on and more information about John can be found on his website