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The family affair continues at Weymouth’s most loved seafood restaurant No. 4, with Andrew Hind, Michelle Hind’s son accepting the position of ‘Front Of House Manager’. Andrew will be joined by No. 4’s new culinary discovery from top London restaurant ‘Mews Of Mayfair’ James Medhurst. James brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience that will complement No. 4’s expert kitchen team headed up by Head Chef Avonia Hovard.

Michelle says “This last month has just been win win for me. First out of the blue James approaches me about joining the team and then Andrew came home for my wedding. When Andrew came back, we needed a couple of shifts covered and he stepped in at the last minute to help out. I had such amazing feed back from our customers when he was working that I just had to ask him to stay longer and help us out. It’s amazing not only have I got my son now working with me but he’s also joining two of my daughters and my Mum.”

Andrew Hind says “I was coming back to the UK for Mum’s wedding and to spend time with the family across the Summer. When I got back Mum said she could really do with my help front of house at No 4 for a couple of shifts, of course I said yes. Next thing I know I’m running the place! Anyone who knows my Mum will know she is a force of nature, so how could I say no?”

James Medhurst continues “I am a big family man, it’s the reason I moved down to Weymouth, to be with my family. So to find a restaurant that’s family run and staffed is just perfect for me. It’s like a home away from home.”

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