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This August, artist Simon Faithfull’ will purposefully sink a boat in Weymouth Bay, south-coast of England. The event will be broadcast live to viewers via a downloadable app.

From the moment the boat begins its journey to the bottom of the sea, onboard cameras will transmit live video images so online viewers can witness the boat’s slow metamorphosis into a new underwater ecosystem, in the form of an artificial reef. The cameras will then remain transmitting for a year, with the images relayed to exhibitions in Brighton, Calais and Caen.

Visit to register to receive updates and details of how you will be able to watch a live video feed of the the sinking event and ongoing live video feed from the sea bed as the vessel starts it’s transformation to and artificial reef with it’s own wildlife ecosystem.

More information here on Fabrica and the fascinating Wreck to Reef project can be found at:

We hope to bring updates to Love-Weymouth once the sinking event takes place but for now the date, time and exact location is a closely guarded secret so our advice for now would be to visit the registration link above , register and download the app you will be sent details of so you can get to watch these fascinating and historic live video events.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]