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 Weymouth Carnival will be taking place on Wednesday the 19th August and is now set to get bigger and better thanks to the support from the local community and businesses. After a very difficult start to the year Weymouth Carnival is now only around £5,000 from braking even before the event.

Businesses are now being urged to get behind Weymouth Carnival on a last push for sponsorship.

Chairman Ryan Hope says “We’ve had many conversations with businesses that are considering supporting us that haven’t yet confirmed”

” Programmes for the Event go to print next week and will mean any business that comes forward after then won’t receive the full benefits of being a sponsor. We want everyone that supports us to get full kudos that they rightfully deserve”

“At the moment Carnival is only around £5000 short of breaking even through current sponsorship and stall income, We’d love to be in a position that everything raised on the day is given to good causes with an amount being able to be held back to kick start next year’s event.”

“Anyone who’s been considering sponsoring should now come forward to support Carnival”

The latest sponsor to support the Carnival is Apple and Larkin home improvements who have donated £1500. General Manager Andrew Summerfield said “We are only too happy to support Weymouth Carnival, It’s a fantastic community event and the committee deserve the support from local business and the community”

Current Sponsors of this year’s Carnival can be seen on the website (

Anyone who’s interested is sponsorship should contact or ring Mr Hope on 07795246080.