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Weymouth Carnival Committee issued this press release earlier today voicing real fears that due to lack of funding and support Weymouth Carnival may not happen this year.

For well over fifty years now Weymouth Carnival has been the highlight of Weymouth’s summer season and it would be such a shame to see it come to an end. They are giving themselves another month to raise funds and offers of support needed to keep the event going. We wish them good luck and really hope that they are successful …

Last year’s carnival could be the last Weymouth sees; there are major concerns around the event both with financial and safety matters. This has arisen after last year’s carnival just about broke even meaning no money to pull forward to help stage this year’s event.

Outgoing chairman Elysia Munday said “Last year’s Carnival Committee faced many intense challenges making the running of the event an uphill struggle”

“Weymouth carnival is normally organised by committee of about 15 people, but in 2014, we only had 6 committed people who were incredibly stretched throughout the entire year ”

“It’s so important to remember that Carnival is an event that can only give what it receives, which means support from the community, local business and volunteers is paramount. Having a committee that has been decreasing in size and experience, a shortfall of volunteers and a dramatic decline in sponsors over the last few years has severely impacted the future of carnival. ”

“Due to the dwindling support, it meant that the funding for the event at a level that was needed was not achieved a the event itself was not able to be carried out to the standards that were originally set out. We have infinite gratitude to all who have shown support to the event over the years; it’s truly you who makes this possible but we are now at a stage where Carnival is becoming something that is no longer viable to run. It is unfortunately not possible to continue Weymouth Carnival with the situation as it is. Without the volunteer numbers, the event is dangerous. Without the funding, we simply cannot afford to make it happen. ”

“Last year’s committee realised these concerns and the majority of them have pulled out of organising the event this year.”
Although new trustees have been appointed to the charity and a new committee has been put in place there are still concerns whether the event will be out to go ahead this year.

Ryan Hope who’s appointed chair of trustees in October after last years of event, has rallied up a new committee but still has major concerns around this event.

Ryan Hope said “after receiving all the information handed over by last year’s committee and attending a SAG (safety advisory group) two of the new trustees have resigned due to the event being too much of a risk to stage this year”
“There are huge concerns around the financial position of Weymouth carnival events club he added. We can no longer rely on volunteers to carry out such tasks as stewarding as many of them do not have the correct qualification or knowledge to do this job safely and the event is getting bigger, there’s also the risk that a volunteer doesn’t turn up and if there was an accident the committee would be held liable for providing the number stewards they said they would in the event management plan”

There has been an action plan put in place for the next month that involves mainly generating cash income and the new committee will be working hard to achieve £10,000 within the first month. In total around £35,000 worth of sponsorship will need to come in prior to the day to be out to afford everything that is needed if not we cannot hold the event.
Ryan added.” If the event goes ahead will still be looking for volunteers to do such tasks as draw ticket sales peek stalls and ever low risk jobs that are crucial to make the day run smoothly. ”

If this target is not met within this month there will not be a carnival for Weymouth in 2015 however the committee Will be looking at providing training in events stewarding road closures and ever areas to enable them to carry out a carnival in 2016. Local businesses will be approached to help fund such courses to enable us to bring back carnival.

If you are able to offer Weymouth Carnival any support please visit their Facebook page at and send them a message