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Did you know that if you’re parking in most borough council owned car parks in Weymouth & Portland, you can pay with an app on iPhone or Android phone.

Just register your details and a payment card and find your location! Saves carrying loose change, and you can extend your stay too without having to return to your car!

You’ll pay a surcharge for using the service but it’s just 20p and for many this could work out far cheaper than paying in advance for more time than you may need. Also as the car park machines don’t give change you’ll get to avoid those really annoying times when you don’t have the right change and end up paying more than you need to.

This won’t be for everyone but we’re pretty sure for many it will be very useful, we’ve downloaded our app already!

Click here to download the iPhone app: 

Click here to download the Android app:

We have more details of Weymouth and Portland car parks on our interactive car parks page …