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Weymouth has four new members of Royalty as Weymouth Carnival has crowned the new Queen & Princes and for the first time ever King & Prince

Weymouth’s new Queen is Cat Greenway was over the moon to have been chosen. “Pageant night was awesome, the ocean room looked beautiful and I really felt like important royalty! “

“I decided to just enjoy the event and I found this really easy to do. We were also well guided and looked after.”

“The other contestants were fun to be with. I enjoyed the banter whilst getting changed and the potential queens helping each other get ready. The Kings added a jovial air to the night, and Simon actually looks like a king!”

“ I also won miss charity was a really good feeling, then winning carnival queen on top of this was a huge shock! I stumble towards the steps when my name was called”.

“ The cheer when I won was amazing, and I could have cried and laughed at the same time but interestingly did neither”

Princess Sophia Milton-Jewszel “It was such an amazing experience and all of the other contestants looked amazing and were all so supportive of one another. This was my second time running for carnival princess and I am so happy and surprised I won.”

“I cannot wait for carnival day and all of the fundraising events.”

King Simon Holdsworth “I feel truly honoured to be representing my home town for the carnival which is a huge part of this towns tradition.”

“We managed to raise a good amount of money for Julia’s house and hopefully will make a lot more on carnival day.”

“ I would like to thank all the organisers of the event last night and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did.”

“ Another thanks you needs to go to the judges and all the people not only supporting myself but there for all the other contestants. “

Prince Elliot Curley “I feel pretty honoured to be the first ever carnival Prince and I can already see a new nickname coming.”

“The Royalty Event was really good , in fact it was a lot better than I expected, It was great to meet some new people and see everyone having a good time. Whilst raising some cash for good causes”

“I’m actually quite looking forward to appearing as the Prince for the carnival and all the other events that will be coming up.”

Organiser of the Royalty event Stacie Lowry said “The event was fantastic ”

‘Weymouth Carnival and Event Club CIO (charity incorporated organisation), charity number 1151696’

” I’m glad I didn’t have to judge , We had so many lovely competitors who raised a fantastic amount of cash for the chosen Charity Julia’s House & Weymouth Carnival”

Chairman Ryan Hope Said he was very pleased how the night went “I t was a fanatic show supported by loads of people who all donated generously to the charity Pot”

“The next year is going to be brilliant for the royalty team, I would like to thank them and all who took part”

“Over £2000 was raised by the night and all the competitors for Julia’s House and Weymouth Carnival with more still to come in”