Occasionally you may find when trying to locate your business on the map that your address isn’t recognised. There are two ways to get around this.

  1. Just enter your post code into the postcode box then click update map.
  2. Drag the pointer on the map to the position of your business/event.

Once one of these options has been carried out you will be able to Fill in your address in thew address box. When doing so just enter business name and street address, town, county and postcode will be added automatically to your entry.

When adding your website address you it must start with http:// Facebook and Twitter addresses also need to start the same.
You can get your video embed code from Youtube by going to the video page and clicking on the share link. Select embed and copy the embed code youtube gives you. You then simply paste this code into the video embed code box. You don’t need to worry about selecting a size for the video as our system sizes it automatically. It will also make your video responsive so it can be viewed on mobile devices.Don’t forget to check the box above this. Doing this means people will be able to find your event/businesses when searching specifically for entries that have video.