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Prepare to be captivated this September when Weymouth’s enchanting event, Dusk Till Dark, takes centre stage once again! This extraordinary spectacle features larger-than-life puppets gracefully gliding through the streets, accompanied by mesmerizing opera performances and the rhythmic beats of drumming toy soldiers. 🎭✨

Don’t miss this magical experience where all the world becomes a stage. Join us as we immerse ourselves in the wonder and charm of Weymouth’s Dusk Till Dark! ✨🎶🥁

We Are Weymouth has announced the return of Dusk Til Dark this September (Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd), as part of Inside Out Dorset, produced by Activate Performing Arts. This free to attend, performing arts experience is now in its third year and sees thousands of visitors line the streets of Weymouth as the town transforms into a magical world of performance, light, and music. For latest information including times and routes visit Dusk to Dark Event Page

This year’s event welcomes French company Transe Express and its parade show Poupées Géantes. Visitors will accompany three giant dolls as they turn the streets into their own opera house, singing and gliding magically through the town centre.

These fantastic singing divas are joined by Les Tambours – drumming toy soldiers who march alongside them.

Dusk ‘til dark brought Dundu and Worldbeaters in 2021 and Peixos the giant fish in 2022, also produced by Activate. Weymouth is excited that this event forms the finale of the county-wide Inside Out Dorset festival.

Dawn Rondeau, We Are Weymouth’s Chief Operations Officer comments: “This is one of our favourite events of the year here at We Are Weymouth and we’re very proud to be the main sponsor of Dusk Til Dark once again. This incredible event brings the performing arts to the streets of Weymouth and allows an immersive experience to all. It’s free to attend, thousands of people line the streets to see what the parade will be each year, and we really feel like this is a truly impactful legacy for Weymouth. We can’t wait to see the giant dolls and to hear them sing operas as they glide through the town centre – what an amazing experience.”

Kate Wood, Executive and Artistic Director at Activate comments: “With the generous support of We Are Weymouth, we are delighted to bring the finale of this year’s Inside Out Dorset festival to Weymouth town centre. Transe Express are a spectacular French company who will light up the town with their theatrical show that promises extraordinary singing, drumming and giant dolls!”

Art works and puppets created during Activate summer workshops will be displayed in shops throughout the town, bringing the community together in the build-up to Poupées Géantes. During the event, the singers will perform beloved classical pieces by composers such as Bizet, Mozart, and Verdi, their beautiful voices contrasting with the rhythmic backing from Les Tambours that creates a powerful sound combining percussive traditions from around the world.

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