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We Are Weymouth, Weymouth’s Business Improvement District held its Annual General Meeting at the Nothe Fort on Tuesday 11th June with over 60 attendees. The AGM not only discussed We Are Weymouth’s busy 2023/2024 year, highlighting some of its successes but showed the business community what was to come for the rest of 2024/25. Information was shared about the popular hanging baskets, the world premiere coming as part of the famous Dusk Til Dark performance in September and introducing events like the NEW Zombie Trail set to hit Weymouth in October half term. Attendees even got to experience a zombie taster in the Nothe tunnels, listen to music by Darron Garnett and meet other business owners with a glass of bubbly.

During the AGM We Are Weymouth was thrilled to announce the winners of the Spring Window Competition, an event that saw 16 local businesses transform their shopfronts with stunning spring-themed displays. The competition was judged by former Liberty’s window designer, Cllr Rob Hughes, with criteria focusing on the theme of spring, branding, simplicity of design, and the ability to draw the eye.

After a lively competition and over 200 public votes and Rob’s discerning eye, the awards were given as follows:

1st Place: The Flamingo Room – For their vibrant and captivating display that perfectly encapsulated the essence of spring and drew widespread admiration from the community. This business, won both the judges and public vote as they took the brief and created a wonderful spring window filled with colour and vibrance, its window wasn’t the biggest, and had some awkward spaces to fill, but they used their window to show off their products and were definitely on-brand, They went one step further and created the wow factor by hand painting across the entire window façade

2nd Place: Craftlines – For their innovative and beautifully crafted window that was knitted by the community and showcased their brand and product. They clearly spent months creating the visual impact conjuring up the public imagination and fully grabbing the public vote. Their window was colourful, full of fun and eye catching with lots of creativity befitting of a knitting shop, celebrating the spirit of spring through artistic creativity.

3rd Place: Floral Couture by Jay – For their elegant and stunning floral arrangements that brought the beauty of spring to life in a truly eye-catching way. This business put a lot of thought into their colourful window, were on-brand and created a great spring theme with rabbits, chick, eggs and of course flowers, creating a visual impact with the wow factor.

Highly Commended: British Red Cross – Honoured for their thoughtful and impactful design that highlighted the values of the organisation while celebrating the spring season.
Highly Commended: Julia’s House – Recognized for their heartfelt and charming display that resonated deeply with the community. They made great use of their space and used their donated products to great effect.

Dawn Rondeau-Irvine, Chief Operations Officer at We Are Weymouth comments: “We are immensely proud of all the participants, we’d loved to have awarded everyone. The creativity and effort that went into each display was truly inspiring. It’s wonderful to see our community come together to celebrate the beauty of spring and support our local businesses.”

The We Are Weymouth Spring Window Competition has not only brightened the town’s streets but has also encouraged increased footfall, boosted local commerce and fostered a strong sense of community spirit.

Chris Truscott, Chair of the Board of We Are Weymouth comments: “It was a truly fantastic event at the award-winning Nothe Fort on Tuesday. It was great to see so many businesses out in force and joining together to progress our town. We Are Weymouth focuses on Shaping the future of the town, Improving the standard of the town, and Marketing the town to bring people in on a regular basis. From outstanding national coverage to our BID Rangers we know the work of We Are Weymouth makes a difference and our AGM was a real celebration of this.”

We Are Weymouth is Weymouth’s Business Improvement District, dedicated to enhancing the town centre’s vitality and promoting economic growth. Through various initiatives and events, We Are Weymouth strives to create a vibrant and welcoming environment for businesses, residents, and visitors alike. For more information on all of Weymouth’s FREE TO ATTEND events, please follow our social media channels.