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Weymouth’s award winning Indian restaurant, Shalims Balti House has taken a bold leap into brewing with the launch of it’s very own premium lager ‘Anokha’ ( अनोखा ) which means ‘Unique’ in Hindi was the brain child of Shalim Abdul the owner of Shalims Balti House.

Shalim says “We have been serving the traditional lagers that you have come to expect from an Indian restaurant for years but I wanted to do something different and offer something unique. Then came the chance to develop this lager with a friend.”

Shalim has been blind taste testing the lager with his customers for the last few weeks and has been encouraged and pleased with the feedback he’s received.

Shalim says “I have been letting my customers taste ‘Anokha’ with other lagers we serve and to even my surprise we are having a really high taste test approval.”