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Two of Weymouth Beach’s biggest events will be coming to town in August.

The Royal Air Force Careers Weymouth Beach Volleyball Classic will take place between 1-3 August, with the RAF Town Show will also taking place between 20-22 August.

The volleyball will feature free grandstand seating for spectators, two show courts and nine outside courts, a marquee village, live music, commentaries and awards presentation on Weymouth Beach.

This year’s championship will attract the top 100 two-a-side men’s and women’s beach volleyball teams from across the country, with a number of top class overseas players adding to the quality.

Flt Lt John Raine, The RAF’s Senior Careers Liaison Officer for the South West said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to be involved and to continue to support the highly successful Weymouth Beach Volleyball Classic.

“It is a professionally organised championship which provides an outstanding experience and an inspiration for all those involved. The championships promote many of the skills and qualities which the RAF values highly, such as teamwork, determination, fitness and communication.

“It is our privilege to be able to sponsor this event and, on behalf of the RAF Careers Information Service, I wish every competitor the very best of luck.”

Graeme Sawyer, one of the tournament’s directors, said: “Working with the RAF and the Events Team has contributed greatly to the development and success of the Weymouth Beach Classic. The RAF funding has given the event stability and ensured that it is Britain’s most enduring and successful Beach Volleyball Championship.”

Weymouth and Portland Borough Council Tourism and Culture brief holder Ian Bruce said: “The Volleyball Championship is one of Weymouth’s iconic summer events, providing free high quality sporting action to many thousands of spectators and a national TV audience.

“The partnership with the RAF is a great success for Weymouth and Dorset, hosting a high profile sporting championship endorsing the status and sporting heritage of the area.”

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