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Weymouth Town Council, St Mary’s Church and the RSPB have teamed up to produce a series of short videos to promote wellbeing. The videos will encourage residents to take time to observe, explore and enjoy the Lodmoor and Radipole Lake Nature Reserves, known as the Weymouth Wetlands. They will also offer simple craft and recipe ideas for residents to try at home.

There will be step-by-step craft videos that residents can follow, using materials that many will already have in their home. The videos are designed so that anyone and everyone can have a go and create something, no specific skills are needed. The activities will be linked to nature and wildlife, like home-made bird feeders which will allow residents to see birds coming to their garden to feed.

The ‘Easy Food’ videos will be presented by Neil Biles, Weymouth Town Centre Community Chaplain. Neil will share simple recipes, along with a demonstration. The recipes will be low cost and easy to follow, to show that anyone can cook delicious, healthy meals at home. Neil commented:

“I’m pleased with how the videos have turned out and hope we can reach residents who need this encouragement the most. It’s been a very difficult year, which has left some feeling isolated. Getting out for a walk and connecting with nature and the environment can be an immensely healing experience, for the mind, body and spirit.

“We decided to feature simple crafts and recipes to encourage people to get involved with everyday life and to make the most of each day. So far, we’ve produced four films and there will be another four to follow in the coming weeks”

Cllr Gill Taylor, Community Champion for Weymouth Town Council added: “We’re proud to have been able to help with facilitating this project for the community.

“As we come out of lockdown, we’re keen to inspire residents to make the most of the stunning natural environment that we’re lucky to have on our doorstep.

“Taking a walk around the Weymouth Wetlands is not only a great opportunity to spot some fascinating wildlife but can also help to reduce isolation and improve mental wellbeing.”

The Weymouth Wetlands are a haven for wildlife in the centre of Weymouth. The reedbeds are home to a variety of birds and wildlife, including kingfishers, marsh harriers, otters, and water voles.

Jill Vrdlovcova, Visitor Experience Manager for the RSPB commented:

“The dedicated members of our Warden team work extremely hard to keep our reserves in the best condition so they can be enjoyed by everyone, including – most importantly – the wonderful birds and all the wildlife that make it their home.

We want residents and visitors to get the best out of their experience with us. Our Rovers are hugely knowledgeable and can help explain to visitors about what they’re seeing and give tips on what wildlife to look out for, so please do say hello on your next visit.”

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