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  • Weymouth Carnival is probably the largest community charity fund raising carnival on the south coast and this year it’s set to get even bigger !

    For the third year following changes in 2016 the event will run for two days with a series of events taking place on the Tuesday as a fantastic warm up for the big day on Wednesday 15 August.

    Expect to see plenty of the old favourite events including, air displays, the grand procession, beach fireworks display and lots lots more.

    5 months ago

    Weymouth Carnival

    It is with great sadness that I announce Weymouth carnival and Weymouth carnival and events club have ceased trading.
    Although last year was a fantastic event we failed to raise enough funds to continue.
    We also have a distinct lack of volunteers I would like to respectfully remind you that Weymouth carnival is put on and managed by volunteers alone and in the end only 6 of us worked extremely hard to put it on mostly to the cost of ourselves and our families. That said I would like to take time to thank everyone that helped for all your efforts and hard work . Stacey Andrew former chairman.
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    The carnival has been a massive part of Weymouth for over 55years. Such a shame Weymouths going down hill with so many different things being stopped

    What a great carnival such few volunteers managed to put on, you should be very proud of yourselves and your families for supporting you. What a shame the community can’t get together on this. However much the local might avoid carnival day for its business, Weymouth does need these events to set it aside from other resorts. Such a shame for it to come to an end.

    I took part in the carnival a number of times a few years ago. It was a massive event but marred by people lobbing coins at participating bands . I was in the Wessex Military Band and some of our players were hit by coins .Not a nice experience and potentially dangerous. Very hard to control and I felt sorry for the stewards and police.I remonstrated with a boozy crowd of them outside a boozer on the seafront and got pelted even more!

    It's a shame that Weymouth carnival and Weymouth carnival and events club have ceased trading. This is especially concerning since not many of you will realise that the said committee still owe over £13,000 to Great British Airshows for putting on their Air Canival 2018 Display....with written confirmation from the committee for the display to take place to the specific requirements agreed by written contract. Needless to say, this is not a tenable situation to just say "has ceased trading" with no correspondence since our invoice was issued the day after the Carnival - with such a large outstanding amount now over five months overdue... There needs to be some reasons given since the correspondence from the committee up to that point of our final invoice indicated sufficient funding was indeed available. So where has it gone?

    We’ve just had a change in one of our bookings - do we actually know what no carnival this year actually means? Will the fair still be along the front? Will there be a firework display? Anything?

    O no, Love Weymouth Carnival from taking part years ago for several years and then many years of travelling down to watch it, Hopefully it will be back

    We need to get back together and get business on board we can not not have a carnival I’m happy to help pm me anyone. Who is happy to help x

    Aww what a shame, I'm from the North West and I went on holiday to Weymouth when the carnival was on, it was amazing, made our holiday it did.

    Dreadful news. We come every year and always stay carnival week. Its not the same as it used to be in Weymouth. Council should start investing money as its too beautiful and brilliant a place to allow these things to happen. Well done and thank you to everyone who has volunteered and made the carnival possible for me and my family to come and a be a part of- from me as a 12 year old to now my children coming for the past 5 years, we have enjoyed it every year xxxx

    Another Blow for our dying town ... over to you WPBC and the Weymouth Bid Then on your thoughts on saving the Towns biggest event of the year ?

    I agree, as we all do, a lot of people complain but never help. Like most events they need a refresh and new people with new ideas. Displays on the esplanade would be a good starter from our Armed Forces (if possible).......Bournemouth produce an ‘Airshow’ in the summer......we have the Fleet Air Arm who could possibly present something of this nature i.e. a SAR display (the costs would have to be researched) but I’m sure it would considerably be less than the red arrows. In addition it should be held on a weekend. Happy to throw my hat in the ring to join a new crew for this great event. ⚓️🎌

    Trawler Race Day ❌ Fireworks ❌ Carnival Day ❌ Ferry Links ❌ Big Name Shops ❌ Things to do when it’s raining ❌ Out of date town centre ✅ Out of touch council ✅ Empty shops ✅ Homeless in every door ✅ Increasing crime rate ✅ More & More retirement flats ✅ Welcome to Weymouth 2019!

    Can’t we set a go fund me page for people who holiday in Weymouth? I’ve attended many carnivals from a child and it won’t be the same without 😢

    I am very very saddened to hear this. Firstly can I thank everyone who has helped out over the years putting this event on in their own time and no doubt at their own expense. The carnival was the highlight of my childhood holidays in Weymouth. It was a highlight of the whole year. I’ve not been for several years due to work commitments but had planned to make the trip this year and am truly gutted to hear it isn’t happening. I know how much hard work goes into making events happen and every one of you has my utmost respect and gratitude. I sincerely hope commercial support can be found from the council or private sponsors to allow this fabulous event to continue.

    O no thousands of people come here on holiday that’s part of Weymouth very sad xx

    What a shame! Last years carnival was the best in a long time, well done to everyone who worked hard on it. At least it’s gone out on a high.

    Weymouth bid did well Haha. Sad times though. It was never the same when they stopped us throwing coins at them

    So sad, Weymouth was renowned for its excellent carnival, I can see all carnivals closing down with the huge cost, never ending legal restrictions, Health & Safety, and local and county councils forcing more restrictions upon them, so sad.

    Registered Charity. 1151696 - WEYMOUTH CARNIVAL AND EVENTS CLUB. All accounts are available to look up online and it shows what revenue is brought in and expenses. It's eye opening in many ways and worth a look at from previous years. What was evident in my opinion was the lack of support / donations from local businesses who do benefit from the event. Surely if every business in the town sponsored just a little that would make a big difference. I can now see why Red Arrows and Air Displays are lacking. Such a shame. With the right support and energy behind the event it would and could thrive. 2015 seemed to be a good year for sponsorship although it did state this couldn't be expected for 2016, but what a difference it made. Yes, we can all blame W&PBC but this is not their doing. I think they could contribute but this is a Registered Charity.

    Can't understand why the council don't sort tourist events such as this like Bournemouth seem to. Volunteers have a role but should be properly funded and supported by the council and sponsorship in a tourist town surely

    Very sad to hear this, well done to all the volunteers over all the years, Weymouth may not have had the best carnival in the country but it was enjoyed by thousands of people for many many years. Surely the council can offer support of some sort, Weymouth cannot afford to lose anything else!!

    So is there nothing that we can do as a community to bring the carnival back?.... I'm sure a lot of the people commenting here about what a shame it is would be willing to do something towards helping to get it back on track?..... Weymouth in the middle of summer with no carnival or fireworks isn't true Weymouth anymore 🙁

    Tell why should having fireworks SO inportant can do without those costs surely ? Just need carnival celebrations , Highly over payed Councilours are our Weymouths ruination for Many years !

    So upset we come especially for carnival week every year! I can imagine this will have a bad effect of so many businesses who rely on the tourism! I’d hate to see Weymouth do down like other seaside towns have. Thanks to everyone who has run this for so many years your hard work was much appreciated

    What a shame as a visitor to Weymouth since 1976 as a child and then as a parent with my family we always booked our holiday to coincide with Carnival time. We shall still have our holiday in August but it won’t be the same🙁

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