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    Weymouth Carnival is probably the largest community charity fund raising carnival on the south coast and this year it’s set to get even bigger !

    For the third year following changes in 2016 the event will run for two days with a series of events taking place on the Tuesday as a fantastic warm up for the big day on Wednesday 15 August.

    Expect to see plenty of the old favourite events including, air displays, the grand procession, beach fireworks display and lots lots more.

    4 weeks ago

    Weymouth Carnival

    Various discussions are underway to see if Weymouth Carnival can be staged in 2020. Several individuals are requesting people donate money for carnival, probably with the best intentions. However they do not represent any official committee that has the go ahead from the local authority to strage carnival. We would therefore suggest that nobody should part with any money until a future plan is agreed with the local authority and is officially published on the Weymouth Carnival Facebook, Twitter and Website pages. Should agreement be made to stage Carnival again, the organising committee will of course be grateful for any support from individuals, community groups and local businesses. ... See MoreSee Less


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    I’ve just got back from Weymouth it’s a shame the carnival wasn’t on on Wednesday it wasn’t the same I missed it this year I always love Weymouth and we are coming back next year so hopefully 2020 will have Weymouth carnival and I would be up for a funding page to help out

    My Majorette troupe use to travel down to Weymouth every year to take part from Wiltshire, we had a lot of fun all day / evening, sadly I am in ill health now & no majorette troupe but Myself and son came down on the day it should of been the carnival was so sad to see no carnival and hardly anyone there compared to what it would of been, It is very hard work putting a carnival together and what has to be done many months ahead not just on the day, and you need a really good team of volunteers all threw the year. and many other things you need to get sorted road closures / police / insurance / licences for music / selling of alcahol, foods etc etc lots of money that people do not think about, some of the items taking part also has to be paid, then you got to keep money ready for the following year to put on again and then prize money etc. alot to think about and be done, personally I hope it will be back next year

    WOW YOUTH MUSICAL THEATRE WILL offer help I am sure. Good luck.

    I really hope you can being it back. We came last year and loved it my daughters first time and I remember coming as a child, we booked this year round the date so could come again was sad when the news broke.

    Used to visit every year for the carnival- all the family used to come so 20+

    I'm sure many like myself have noticed the impact of not having a Carnival this year had on businesses. Just walking around town never seen so many Vacancies signs during Carnival Week. We need you to let everyone know what you need us to do. I'm finding that just sharing in Social media although very good for us who have access, but going out and talking to people is what is needed. Having a meeting of all those who are happy to volunteer in maybe Weymouth Pavilion would help people share ideas. We have so many people offering transport last year, unfortunately their offer was missed. We also have an abundance of talented people in our town to make this the best in the west hope people may agree with me. We need to start planning now, talk to the carnival in Bridgewater, or Swanage they hold successful carnivals because they involve people at the end of the carnival each year. Waiting till January is often too late. Not a criticism just trying to throw ideas into the ring

    The carnival is the main reason we visit Weymouth every August. Currently in Scotland because of no carnival. Whilst we're having a great time, we'd prefer to be in Weymouth.

    We the Wessex Majorettes missed the Parade this year ,hope it happens next year if so we will be there ,Weymouth is not the same without a Carnival

    This year was a complete letdown! No carnival in many many years! Such a shame that it failed! I do hope next year will happen as I would love to bring Vader out again!

    We’ve booked to the same bed and breakfast place as the last few years if the carnival goes ahead with the new owners of these places hick up the prices

    Just wasnt the same this year without the carnival! 🤞its back in 2020 xx

    I suspect a fair few people came to Weymouth this week thinking the carnival was still on !!

    I personally want the market back more, goes most of the year so everyone on holiday gets a chance not just one or 2 days a year, would cost less to run and could potentially profit more, a stall there each week raising money for the carnival could of helped raised awareness. Personally know more locals upset about the market than carnival. Carnivals great for tourism, I know a lot of locals enjoy but carnival will be a lot harder to bring back need a lot of backing, as will market. Growing up here I always hated carnival week being born mid August always meant I couldn’t move on my birthday if I wanted to go and do anything in town. By all means try and bring it back but honestly can’t see it happening. People want but won’t want to put the time, effort or money needed in. Start smaller. Aim for market and go for carnival from there!

    It's not just down to money, you need lots of volunteers to help run the carnival.

    There are a few children's activities that can be held Carnival week , with little costs - like the Sand Castle , etc competition on the beach - good prizes like free tickets donated from Pirates Show at Pavilion , Sealife Centre , etc , i would be more then happy to make up Goodie Bags for Children non winners taking part Caravan Parks do well over Summer break - they could sponsor firework display ?

    Hope carnival is back next year if you need any Marshall please let me ni

    I've seen crowd funding pages for people who want to go on holiday or get boob jobs so why can't we have a page set up for the carnival? Its a charity event so it could be set up as a charity fund raiser...?

    I had a guest house and we had to pay to go into tourist guide why can't they contribute to the Carnival just a suggestion.

    Was such a shame this year never seen the beach so empty on a carnival day all the chip shop had no massive queues outside some not even open . Finger crossed it can happen again in 2020

    If the Sea Life tower gets taken down it will open up the opportunity to hold a proper airshow again

    How much do you need to raise? How about a crowd funding page? Hopefully make enough that way, or if not, once big companies see how much people are willing to input they maybe interested in sponsoring the event.

    Really missed some sort of airshow too this year as well as the carnival

    Bring back Ryan Hope.

    My son got upset when it came to carnival day as it wasn’t on. Let’s hope for one in 2020

    Woudnt it be an idea if the local businesses all donated into the kitty as they all benefit from the trade

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    8 months ago

    Weymouth Carnival

    It is with great sadness that I announce Weymouth carnival and Weymouth carnival and events club have ceased trading.
    Although last year was a fantastic event we failed to raise enough funds to continue.
    We also have a distinct lack of volunteers I would like to respectfully remind you that Weymouth carnival is put on and managed by volunteers alone and in the end only 6 of us worked extremely hard to put it on mostly to the cost of ourselves and our families. That said I would like to take time to thank everyone that helped for all your efforts and hard work . Stacey Andrew former chairman.
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    We need to get back together and get business on board we can not not have a carnival I’m happy to help pm me anyone. Who is happy to help x

    Health and safety has killed this great day When I was little there were no barriers to stop anyone going into the road Everyone was safe The police walked the route and danced with the kids Everyone had fun the floats all had water pistols and no one cared if they got wet Was such a good day

    So nice to see so many comments blaming other people and saying how sad it is - but how many actually put money in the pots or volunteered to help. As the statement said they FAILED to raise enough funds that means the fabulous people of Weymouth failed as they along with the holiday makers didnt put money in the pots an just went along for a free show. So rather than blaming council, the parking, the roads etc etc blame yourselves. Sorry if that sounds harsh but its happening everywhere. People like a free event an when the person rattles the tin they look the other way.Well done to the carnival team for keeping it going as long as you did. Its only now that people will see what hard work it is an how much work it is to maintain

    Gutted.... could the council not put their £3,500 they robbed off everyone for ‘free parking’ that no one knew about and paid for parking towards the carnival funds??... I know it’s not a great deal but hey us people put that money in the machines so do we not have a say what happens to the money now 🤔

    The carnival has been a massive part of Weymouth for over 55years. Such a shame Weymouths going down hill with so many different things being stopped

    Trawler Race Day ❌ Fireworks ❌ Carnival Day ❌ Ferry Links ❌ Big Name Shops ❌ Things to do when it’s raining ❌Out of date town centre ✅ Out of touch council ✅ Empty shops ✅ Homeless in every door ✅ Increasing crime rate ✅ More & More retirement flats ✅Welcome to Weymouth 2019!

    What a great carnival such few volunteers managed to put on, you should be very proud of yourselves and your families for supporting you. What a shame the community can’t get together on this. However much the local might avoid carnival day for its business, Weymouth does need these events to set it aside from other resorts. Such a shame for it to come to an end.

    It's a shame that Weymouth carnival and Weymouth carnival and events club have ceased trading. This is especially concerning since not many of you will realise that the said committee still owe over £13,000 to Great British Airshows for putting on their Air Canival 2018 Display....with written confirmation from the committee for the display to take place to the specific requirements agreed by written contract.Needless to say, this is not a tenable situation to just say "has ceased trading" with no correspondence since our invoice was issued the day after the Carnival - with such a large outstanding amount now over five months overdue...There needs to be some reasons given since the correspondence from the committee up to that point of our final invoice indicated sufficient funding was indeed available. So where has it gone?

    As a holiday maker that loves the carnival. May i take the time to thank you all for your hard work and dedication. Over the years you have bought enjoyment to 1000's. It is with great sadness to see it cease and i know that decision would not have come lightly.

    Can’t we set a go fund me page for people who holiday in Weymouth? I’ve attended many carnivals from a child and it won’t be the same without 😢

    Thanks to all who have worked so hard - amazing volunteers 👏

    I took part in the carnival a number of times a few years ago. It was a massive event but marred by people lobbing coins at participating bands . I was in the Wessex Military Band and some of our players were hit by coins .Not a nice experience and potentially dangerous. Very hard to control and I felt sorry for the stewards and police.I remonstrated with a boozy crowd of them outside a boozer on the seafront and got pelted even more!

    Bring back Ryan Hope, the books always balanced and we always got the ‘Red Arrows’

    We’ve just had a change in one of our bookings - do we actually know what no carnival this year actually means? Will the fair still be along the front? Will there be a firework display? Anything?

    Thank you for all your hard work but we face sad times ahead, carnival has always been the busiest day of the year. Let’s make sure that the Weymouth Pride is a success as slowly this town is crumbling.

    What a shame! Last years carnival was the best in a long time, well done to everyone who worked hard on it. At least it’s gone out on a high.

    This is life today I’m an old age pensioner but always remember the Weymouth carnival trying to find somewhere to stand to get a good view of procession etc the stall on the seafront competitions etc the red arrows the final fireworks happy memories just a sad decision where is the young people of Weymouth who could help keep this memories going a sad world x

    This will kill the town 😢

    I am very very saddened to hear this. Firstly can I thank everyone who has helped out over the years putting this event on in their own time and no doubt at their own expense. The carnival was the highlight of my childhood holidays in Weymouth. It was a highlight of the whole year. I’ve not been for several years due to work commitments but had planned to make the trip this year and am truly gutted to hear it isn’t happening. I know how much hard work goes into making events happen and every one of you has my utmost respect and gratitude. I sincerely hope commercial support can be found from the council or private sponsors to allow this fabulous event to continue.

    O no, Love Weymouth Carnival from taking part years ago for several years and then many years of travelling down to watch it, Hopefully it will be back

    So is there nothing that we can do as a community to bring the carnival back?.... I'm sure a lot of the people commenting here about what a shame it is would be willing to do something towards helping to get it back on track?..... Weymouth in the middle of summer with no carnival or fireworks isn't true Weymouth anymore 🙁

    Weymouth and portland Council won't be bothered,Weymouth has been falling into a mess for years now.

    Soooooo sad, at least try put fireworks back on every Monday

    Aww what a shame, I'm from the North West and I went on holiday to Weymouth when the carnival was on, it was amazing, made our holiday it did.

    Such a shame, but it's always the same, everybody wants something but no ones wants the work. We as visitors to Weymouth thoroughly enjoyed the carnival, well done and thank you xx

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