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Award winning visitor attraction, Nothe Fort, will be hosting a range of events to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of D-Day and the role Weymouth played in the Normandy Landings. From Thursday 6th June, Nothe Fort will hold an exhibition and commemorative event for the local community, as well as tours and talks delivered by volunteers over the following weekend.

Over the past few months, Nothe Fort has been developing a new exhibition which commemorates D-Day with stories based on lived experiences from the community. This ongoing development will provide a lasting legacy and focal point for the experiences of soldiers and local people alike in the build up to Operation Overlord. The exhibition features a series of specially edited films full of rarely seen still and moving images that capture the energetic atmosphere of Weymouth when American forces arrived and prepared for their departure to Omaha Beach in Normandy. The exhibition will provide a host of family friendly displays carefully curated to share the story of Weymouth’s role in D-Day. This exhibition has been curated in partnership with Weymouth Museum.

Kate Hebditch, Weymouth Museum said,
“Weymouth Museum holds a wonderful collection of historic photographs. We are delighted to work with Nothe Fort to show iconic images of the D-Day preparations in Weymouth in their new exhibition. These pictures show the anxious faces of the American troops as they bravely set off to Normandy, the support of the town in helping with the preparations, and the previously rather hidden role of the black American GIs in D-Day. The exhibition is a fitting tribute to the bravery of the men involved and shows the vital part that Weymouth & Portland played.”

Lucy Watkins, Nothe Fort said,
“Nothe Fort curatorial volunteers and design team have worked terrifically on our 80th Anniversary of D-Day exhibition. They have come together with Weymouth residents to mark a moment in time that changed Weymouth and the course of World War 2 forever.
We are looking forward to sharing moving images, sounds and sights with local and wider audiences alike to commemorate the sacrifices made by those who fought, suffered, and died for our freedom.”

Volunteers from Nothe Fort will be presenting several guided walks around the exhibition space and the surrounding area to further bring the stories to life. Book onto a guided tour on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th- limited spaces available and booking required via

Nothe Fort will also be hosting a soundscape produced by local sound designer, Joe Butcher of Dark Age Audio, funded by Arts Council England and Weymouth Town Council. Using interviews conducted in 1994 for the 50th Anniversary of D-Day, the voices of local people from Weymouth & Portland will be remixed and brought to life in Ambisonic 3D for headphones, enhanced with original sound effects created exclusively by Dark Age Audio, in commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of D-Day.

The South Dorset Radio Society will be in attendance on 6th June with a commemorative radio station. The SDRS have collected a quantity of original WW2 wirelesses of both military and pre-war domestic sets together with a couple of actual clandestine sets of the period. They have also put together some examples of clandestine replica sets following the designs and using original period components. Come along to send and receive greeting messages from other stations.

Nothe Fort will also be holding talks from volunteers and experts on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June, including:

The Smallest Spy in the British Military: Display and Talks at 11am
After Germany invaded Poland in September 1939, the war intensified in Europe. In six weeks in May and June 1940 Germany occupied France, Belgium, and The Netherlands. Information was urgently needed by the British Government about German troop movements and their activities in Europe. Patriots, resistance workers and British spies were gathering the information, but it was taking too long for the vital information to be received by Britain: – Until the smallest spy in the British military was put to work by being parachuted into enemy territory. The work of MI14(d) was about to begin.

From Operation Sealion to Operation Overlord Talk at 12:15pm
The talk will cover the threat of German invasion in 1940 (Operation Sealion) and the role Nothe Fort played in the defence plan. Then a short film about the background to D-Day (Operation Overlord) and troop buildup in Weymouth and Portland, followed by what happened to the US troops after they sailed.

Secrecy and Deception Surrounding the D Day Landings 1:30pm
During World War II there was a general secrecy and propaganda campaign which the British government operated through the Ministry of Information. This used cinema, posters, slogans – “Walls Have Ears”, “Look at Mum, Keep Stum”, “Loose Lips Sink Ships”. These were spread through the British population by communities repeating them to each other.

World War II Waterproofing and Wading in Weymouth 3pm
Mike & Ann Jones will be joining us to celebrate their new book, World War II Waterproofing and Wading in Weymouth, launched by Mike and his wife this year to specifically commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day. The publication, created in collaboration with the REME Museum, details the activities of Ted, Ann’s father, preparing the vehicles for the D-Day landings. Ted served as a Project Sergeant at M.E.13 No.1 Experimental Workshop REME (Wading) Weymouth during WW2. With 50 colleagues, they had sole responsibility for experimental trials and the waterproofing of “B” vehicles.

On the evening of Thursday 6th June, Weymouth Town Council and Nothe Fort will host a special commemorative event to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Taking place at Nothe Fort, this event will be an evening of reflection, entertainment, and community spirit. The evening will feature performances, an exhibition and activities that commemorate the bravery and sacrifice of those involved in D-Day.

The entertainment will continue through the early part of the evening and end with the beacon lighting and official ceremony, with speeches at 9:15pm.

Continuing the entertainment from earlier in the evening and ending with the Beacon Lighting and official ceremony with speeches at 9:15pm. There are 150 tickets reserved for WTC officials and Nothe Fort Volunteers.

Additional activities for the D-Day commemorative event include:

  • “D-Day immersive soundscape” at The Nothe Fort’s observational tower, providing an engaging auditory experience.
  • An outdoor big screen set up at the Nothe Gardens, broadcasting national commemoration events and historical footage from the period.
  • Presentations tailored for school assemblies created by Weymouth Museum.
  • Display of static military vehicles, adding an authentic touch to the event.
  • Walking tours and boat tours around the town, offering unique perspectives on local history.

Limited spaces available and booking required –